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Digital Screen Media - DOOH Transport Pioneers

Metropolis Digital Media was founded by CEO Danny Faughnan - the pioneer and entrepreneur who brought the concept of Digital Taxi tops to London back in 2010.

As a result of his vision and tenacity, a new digital media market sector in taxi advertising is evolving in London, UK and in other parts of the world.

Our mission is to become the most valuable and leading  Taxi and Transit DOOH media-advertising network in the UK and leaders in transit media solutions globally.

Digital DOOH Transport Pioneers

About Us

The Metropolis Team

It has at its helm a highly focused and experienced team with over 50 years combined industry expertise in all aspects of DOOH media advertising, digital signage, and display technology.

The Metropolis team has been instrumental in driving through change successfully at the highest level - working closely with government regulators such as TFL (Transport for London).

The Team

The Metropolis Team

About Us

The TXi Media Pod™ Evolution 2

Its leading signature product, the TXi-Media Pod™, Evolution 2 provides a disruptive proposition in digital advertising, facilitating location and time specific advertising supported by detailed near-realtime advertising response data.

The TXi Media Pod™

The TXi Media Pod™ Evolution 2
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