The Taxi Second

The Metropolis advertising currency is the “Taxi Second”. Your message can feature for 1 second on 1 taxi once, or it can feature on 100 taxis all day for a year. In all likelihood, you will choose a duration and reach between these two extremes.

Messages feature in a “Loop”. The loop describes a play order of messages which repeat throughout the day. The loop can be any length but, for simplicity, imagine that a loop is 60 seconds and comprises 6 x 10 second messages.


Can I target my campaign?

Metropolis can target a message by time of day, day of week, by geography, by weather or by any other data driven event – for example a social media feed. We call this a “Trigger”. A Trigger can play a different advert or an entirely new loop of messages.

Can I group my adverts together?

Adverts can be grouped and played in a sequence, or can be separated within the loop.

Can I advertise exclusively?


Can I advertise exclusively?

When we assign campaigns to the loop we can categorise them. Once categorised, we can add logic such that adverts belonging to the same category will not play contiguously. If you would like to dominate the loop, we can subdivide the estate and you can define any length of loop, and any number of adverts to communicate your message.


Your campaign can be live across the estate in minutes

How quickly can my advert play?

Metropolis can schedule  adverts and messages to any number of its estate of E2 TXi-Media Pods™ pods instantly.

Liveposter and OpenLoop

Metropolis can integrate with Liveposter and OpenLoop to dynamically update messaging.

What filetypes are supported?

The platform supports the following file formats:




• Flash (Swf)


Are there any special graphic requirements?

The E2 TXi Media Pod™ is configured for super landscape mode, supporting a resolution of 1920 x 440 pixels. The screen can, however, be divided into smaller frames.



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